Ionut Marian


15.20 – 15.50 Testing 2

Evolution of QA in Mobile App Delivery (EN)

My talk is based on rea Ql lAife; AeIx ipne QrieAnce and will touch on the following: – Testers: from Manual Acceptance Tester to Automation Script developer: „Shift Left“, „Digitalisation“, „Agile QA“ – QA department: successful transition into a QA Innovation Center of Excellence. – From pure Manual Testing to fully CI/CD integrated Automated Testing: „(Scriptless) Test Automation“, „Predictive QA“, „AI in QA“ – – Automated Testing vs Test Automation. – Combining e2e Testing with API level based testing: our approach of an integrated Root Cause Analysis framework. – How can I cover gaps?

Short Bio

June 2010 – today: Vodafone Group Technology: Lead QA Manager in Consumer Products and Services – Therein roles from Acceptance Tester over Test Manager to Lead QA Manager – Coordination and Orchestration of all QA activities required for device specific roll-outs of Vodafone Mobile Consumer services into the various Vodafone local markets. – Driving Tool and Methodology application and implementing Quality Management – Certified Scrum Master since March 2017.

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